Please indulge me whilst I pretend to be a lifestyle blogger for a moment. I had such a lovely weekend up in Hereford visiting family for my Father in Law’s Birthday and I took so many pictures (mainly of blossom) that it would be a shame to not use them for something.

We drove up through the Chilterns and the Cotswolds from London and met everyone at the Malvern Hills for a quick walk in the glorious sunshine. You could see for miles and miles from up there, all the way over to the Black Mountains in Wales (second picture on the horizon).


Then we drove over to the house for champagne and presents opening. We had a wander around the garden looking at the tadpoles, the beautiful blossom tree abuzz with bees and a look at the very impressive veg patch including Brussels sprouts, beetroot, raspberries and dinosaur kale.


We went over to Ledbury for dinner at Sitara, which is a really great restaurant if you’re ever vaguely anywhere near here. Ledbury is such a beautiful town with lots of Tudor buildings, great shops and a very popular pub called Prince of Wales, which is a firm favourite of my Husband’s family.


On Sunday morning my Father in law made us a Vegan fry up of mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, fried smoked firm tofu, vegan sausages, homemade bread and homemade apple juice from the tree in the back garden. There is no better way to start a day!


And then all too soon it was time to head home!

My Weekend in Numbers:

  • 279 miles in a hire car with a difficult biting point and 9 screeches of DON’T LOOK AT ME when pulling away, especially on hills
  • 3 bumblebees rescued from inside the house – 1 found it’s way out by itself, 1 saved by my Father in law and 1 fed sugar water, warmed up (it had gone into a bit of a cold induced hibernation) and then talked into crawling onto the flowers outside. As you might be able to tell, I grew quite attached to this one, named him Beeyonce (pictured above) and I will remember him fondly
  • 2 bottles of local cider poured into empty glass bottles straight from the keg
  • 12 red kite sightings, 2 cats, 3 wood pigeons, 1 noisy sparrow, 2 blue tits, 3 starlings, 5 horses, 20 chickens and 1 deer
  • 1 Bowie sing-a-long on the way back to London
  • And 2 cats who were very pleased to see us when we got home



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