At the end of last year I wrote a post about all the new restaurants and cafes I visited in 2015 (there weren’t loads ~ click here to read it) and this year I wanted to end the year with the same blog post.

Last year I only included London and I left out things like high street chains & bakeries and I only included fully Vegan/Vegetarian places, but this year I’ve listed pretty much everything because 1) I bloody love lists 2) I hope it gives you a few places to add to your list of places you want to go to and 3) I love having a list to look back on ~ eating is the best hobby and Vegan joints are my Pokémon.

I’ve included both brand new to me places and places I’ve already been to but tried something new and noteworthy.

In no particular order, here is a round up of the restaurants, cafes and bakeries I have stuffed my face at in 2016.

PUREZZA, Brighton

This all Vegan Italian in Brighton offers takeaway style pizza (think more Pizza Hut and less sourdough) with the option of having a stuffed crust. Absolutely incredible, really well priced and lovely staff. Perfection.

Full blog post here


I was so excited ahead of my visit here. I had assumed it was going to be an all Vegan place. It isn’t. That’s not always a bad thing but it did mean that they only had about 6 Vegan options. The Vegan ones were mostly fruity offerings, v. annoying. The ice cream was nice enough but you aren’t missing out if you never go.

Full blog post here


In May this year I went along to my first ever Club Mexicana Supper Club and it was a glorious 5 course meal of joy. Exactly what you’d expect from the Beyoncé of food.

Full blog post here


Over priced, expensive, tasty, healthy, wobbly chairs.

Full blog post here


Burgers so good that I bought a second one to take home to have for breakfast the next day. If you are in Paris you simply must go here.

Full blog post here


A wonderful place in Bastille; the food is gourmet but the portions are decent; it’s casual and it’s fancy at the same time. The staff were really lovely as well and that always makes me happy! I would really recommend adding this to your Paris Itinerary as well as Hank.

Full blog post here


A Vegan bakery in Paris! Now I’ve really seen it all. It was super cute in there, lots of choice and the cupcakes were really nice.

Full blog post here


Whenever I try to write something about Spice Box all I want to do is dance. Their food is just fucking magnificent.

This year they took their Columbia Road takeaway on the road around various food markets in London and I lost count of how many times I visited them. I am so excited to see them again in 2017!

Full blog post here

ZIZZI, UK chain

Hells yeah Zizzi and your big Vegan menu! Good for you, Glen Coco.

Really leading the charge on the UK High Street this year. Think of them, if you will, as the Italian dinner chain version of Pret. Yeah, did that analogy work?

Full blog post here

WAHACA, UK chain

My first trip to Wahaca as a Vegan and it was actually pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Full blog post here

TOP DOG (now closed), London

You know the drill. Vegan Queen’s Tsouni & Ava went, so I went and it was good.

Sadly they are closed now but rumour has it they will be back with something next year.

Full blog post here


This year London got it’s very own Vegan Ice Cream Parlour and it was a good year. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve got a fix and everyone I’ve introduced it to (even them meaty’s) has loved it and gone back again!

Full blog post here and here (yes of course I wrote about them twice)


They didn’t have any Vegan options on the menu but we had to go here for a Friend’s birthday because she has a bottomless prosecco habit that we all enable. I contacted them ahead of time and they put together an amazing Vegan menu for me and my pals and they kind of knocked my socks off a little tbh.

Full blog post here

HOME, London

The second venture from King Cook Daily – all Thai, all Vegan all incredible. The King can do no wrong.

Full blog post coming soon

BODEGA 50, London

Tsouni went here so I went here. I had the best green juice of my life and a really tasty tofu toastie too!

Full blog post here

CLUB MEXICANA x SPICE BOX (one off collaboration), London

My best babes got together for a one off collaboration for Kerb’s birthday so I got my best babes together and we went and ate (and very drank) our way through everything.

We had Spice Box’s world famous Jalfrezi Jackfruit in a CM Burrito, Indian Nachos and JJ Tacos too. It was chuffing excellent!

I may well publish a blog post from this night even though it was a one off and so long ago but I spoil you, I know


Scraping the barrel at a high street chain and it was actually rather nice.

Full blog post here


I think this was the highlight of my year. Club Mexicana put together a Bavarian menu to celebrate Oktoberfest over at their Hawker House location for one weekend only and IT WAS INCREDIBLE. PLEASE DO IT AGAIN IN MY MOUTH NEXT YEAR

Full blog post here

VEGAN CHINESE TAKEAWAY, check your local restaurant

I never got my big round butt over to Loving Hut whilst I lived in London but since I moved out to the sticks I was pleasantly surprised to find that our local has Vegan options! Take that and stuff it in your hat, London! Or something which is actually a phrase.

WHY did I take so long to get to a my grabby hands on a Vegan Chinese meal!!?? We’ve had it twice already since living here!

Full blog post coming soon


Had my first, second and third Voodoo Ray’s this year and it right nice. Thin, crispy, salty. Get some. Go. Now. I’ll wait.

Full blog post coming soon

VEGAN BURD, Glasgow & online

Some of the best chocolate I have ever eaten. The handmade Vegan snickers may have made my cry.

Full blog post here 


As soon as I realised Lola’s had a few Vegan options I got my hands on some to see if they would pass the Jen Taste Test. Spoilers, they did.

Full blog post here

IKEA, bloody everywhere

I was so excited to make my first ever Ikea café trip. They made their Veggie meatballs Vegan and I really liked them!

I also picked up a bag to take home with me and I would recommend you do the same. At home I added a lovely homemade mustard/cream sauce and I will share the recipe ASAP because you need it in your life

Full blog post coming soon


Maybe the best pizza I have ever had. Maybe.

The pizzas are quite a thick sourdough with big ol’ chewy crusts and the toppings were luuuussssh.

Full blog post coming soon


Mahoosive healthy burgers and a really lovely team. I have a feeling they’re going to be even more popular in 2017!

Blog post coming soon


Made my first trip to Mildred’s last year and had the Polish Burger, then went a few more times this year and had the Polish burger – it good!

But this year I actually tried something different – WHAT!? WHO EVEN AM I!?

The Caesar Salad IS AMAZING!! I’m not sure how I’m ever going to get something different from that now!

Blog post coming soon


I can’t believe I only came here for the first time this year when I used to live round the corner from them before – what a plonker.

I really liked it in here. Loads of choice on the menu, really great pizzas and the creamy seitan spaghetti is delicious.

Full blog post coming soon


Another one I first visited in 2015 but this year was the first time I managed to get the Chico Pie! It was worth the wait and then some!

Full blog post coming soon


Incredible food, so much choice and they even sell their own sauce now too.

The bowl below is the breakfast bowl with tofu scramble and house-made brown sauce.

My favourite dish is the High Grade Bowl. Can’t go to Shoreditch and not pop in Cook Daily, you just can’t.

Full blog post coming soon


So good, I’ve been twice this year and I don’t live anywhere near Brighton!

They are known for their Vegan kebabs and this Summer they had deep fried olives and pickles too!

Full blog post here and here


Two words. Cheeze. Fries.

I think they were the most popular dish of the year amongst the Vegan Community. Everyone who’s had them raves about them and everyone who hasn’t managed to nab some yet is sad inside.

Full blog post here

THE GATE, London

The Gate is an old favourite of mine (it was on last year’s list). A few months ago I tried the Green Dragon because with a name like that you can’t not order it. It was really tasty for the first few mouthfuls but after a while it was like eating some raw coleslaw tbh. I also tried the miso aubergine for the first time and yes please I would like to eat that every day for forever please thanks.

Full blog post coming soon

Wasabi, UK chain

The sweet chilli (puffed) tofu curry is life. Obsessed.

Full blog post here

PRET, UK chain

This was the year Veggie Pret opened and we all lost our cool.

They released Vegan sandwich after sandwich, they gave us the Vegan Bounty, they sell whole avocados in the Soho branch. They’re trying really hard to be our Vegan boyfriend and we like it. Let’s not mention the Christmas baguette though, we’ll let that one slide.

My highlights from Pret were the Pea & Mint Soup, the addition of black olives in the Super Green & Reds sandwich and the Vegan Bounty.

Full blog post coming soon

Right! What did I miss that you loved? Where do I neeeeeeeeeed to add to my ever growing list for next year??

And how the flip have I not yet been to Pomodoro e Basilico!?!?! I think I’ll be ticking that one off VERY early in 2017!

Hope you all had a year of good food and cheers to another great year of Vegan food in 2017



  1. December 31, 2016 / 8:18 am

    Yay to all this food and to more in 2017! I will happily be your partner in vegan eating crime xx

    • January 3, 2017 / 1:46 pm

      Yaaaaas! But don’t let me get red wine drunk xx

      • January 3, 2017 / 2:20 pm

        Haha, we can have lots of red wine-less fun! I just want ALL the food! xxx

  2. December 31, 2016 / 9:22 am

    Looks really good. I’ve been to most of those places but need to try out others. In 2017 I need to try temple of seitan and mooshies!

    • January 3, 2017 / 1:46 pm

      Ooh yeah! Dying to try there too!

    • January 3, 2017 / 2:20 pm

      Can’t wait for Temple of Seitan to open! Mooshies is good but not the best of London vegan burgers, but I want to try it again.

      • January 11, 2017 / 1:17 pm

        Yaaaaas! I need to try both! Maybe a Brick Lane food crawl also getting Pom, PB Bakery and a Freak Shake all in one go! #TheDream

        • January 11, 2017 / 1:21 pm

          And don’t forget about Vida Bakery which has just opened too! If you need a sidekick you know where I am!x

  3. Yes it's all Tsouni
    December 31, 2016 / 2:47 pm

    THIS IS SUCH A GOOD ROUND UP! More dinners in 2017 please xxx

    • January 3, 2017 / 1:45 pm

      THANK YOU SO MUCH! Hells yeah to more dinners in 2017. xxx

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