Of course there are literally hundreds of reasons to go Vegan but here are the top three, in brief, bite-size pieces:

1. Animals are sentient beings. Stop making them suffer. Think about cats and dogs. You know they have feelings, personalities, thought processes, the ability to suffer. They can and so can farm animals. Watch Earthlings. Or don’t. But consider this, if you can’t bear to look at images of where your meat/eggs/milk comes from then how can you even consider eating that!? That’s fucked up. Go Vegan.


2. Eating animals is destroying the Planet. Watch Cowspiracy. Climate change is real. Make a change before it’s too late; switching to a vegan diet/lifestyle is THE BEST thing you can do for the environment. Go Vegan.

image 3. Animal products are bad for your health. Sure, it’s v easy to be unhealthy when you’re Vegan too but animal products are rotting flesh (it begins to rot from the second the animal is killed), chicken periods (eggs) and puss (milk/cheese). That’s not good for you. Watch Vegucated. Watch Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. Go Vegan.


If you’re thinking about going Vegan and have any questions or just want to chat, please feel free to contact me via the contact tab at the top of the page 🙂

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