I know a lot of people who would like to try out  a few Vegan meals but who also don’t like to cook, so this one’s for you!

I never used to be that much of a cook before I went vegan and fell in love with cooking, so I totally feel you. I didn’t know how to cook rice, I had no idea about herbs & spices and my faviurite dinners were ones I could make entirely from the freezer, usually Kiev, chips & beans.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a freezer dinner, I still have them loads, but I would LOVE it if you could switch perhaps one or two of those meals to a vegan version. It’s all about baby steps!

So I thought I’d throw together a few of my favourite super easy meals which take very little preparation and only use a few, simple ingredients.


BRINNER (brunch for dinner – top pic)

Ingredients / Recipe

Linda McCartney sausages – I recommend cooking them a little over the guide time

Hash Browns – again I think they taste better when cooked a little over the guide time

Baked Beans

Fried Mushrooms – I like to fry them on a pretty high heat to get them nicely charred and semi-crispy around the edges. Spice wise I’d recommend either some garlic or a pinch of Vegan bouillon or salt & pepper

Fried Tomatoes – I like to douse mine in chilli flakes and sugar to make some kind of hot sweet Caramalised joy but if you aren’t a spice fan then maybe try some salt & pepper during cooking and then sprinkle some fresh basil to serve

Wilted Spinach – to save on pan space I always throw a handful (or three) of spinach onto the mushrooms just before they’re done. Spinach will wilt very quickly so don’t leave it in too long else it will disappear altogether!




Ingredients / Recipe

For the filling:

Veg – my favourites for this dish are mushrooms, white onion, frozen peas and frozen sweetcorn but feel very free to use your favourite veg and/or whatever veg you have lying around; now is a very good time to use up anything sad or questionable. Throw a bunch of chopped or crushed garlic in once you’ve fried off the veg (lazy garlic or garlic powder/granules also work well), salt & pepper and throw in a little vegan red wine if you have it

Soya Mince or Lentils – I like using either green lentils straight from the can (rinsed) or soya mince (Tesco is my favourite) depending on my mood or what I have on hand. If I’m using soya mince I’ll fry it off in the pan before I add the veg to make sure it’s nicely browned off otherwise it can taste a bit soggy and flavourless. If using green lentils add them after the veg. I frequently make a purely veg shepherds pie and it still goes down a treat!

For the sauce:

Gravy and/or passata/chopped tomatoes – this might be a controversial one for the shepherds pie fans out there but you can totally make a gravy based or tomato based shepherds pie or even use a mix of both. Throw in a little vegan Worcestershire sauce if you have it

Cover your mixture with as much mash as your body can handle and either stick it in the oven to crisp the mash on top or eat as is and serve with your choice of baked beans or cabbage or both!



Ingredients / Recipe

Vegan burger patty – I recommend Linda McCartney, Fry’s Family or Amy’s Kitchen. Oven baked as per the instructions on the box but then smothered in BBQ sauce and finished off in the frying pan

Lettuce – my favourite’s are iceberg, cos or gem (aka the one’s with the least nutritional value!)

Tomato – preferable thinly sliced

Bun – sliced in half and toasted in a frying pan on a low heat with a little oil or vegan butter

Chips – homemade if you want but there’s no shame in using store bought frozen chips (just double check the ingredients list for milk!)




Ingredients / Recipe

Quorn fishless fingers – find these in the Vegetarian freezer section and instantly improve your life, I love these so much

Bread – or a baguette or a ciabatta or a burger bun, anything goes


Vegan mayo – the best is Vegenase, Plamil Egg Free Mayo is an honourable runner up and then I wouldn’t really bother with anything else tbh

Gherkins – a must for me but totally optional if you don’t fancy





Ingredients / Recipe

Tofu – get a block of Cauldron brand tofu, open it up and drain off the excess water that’s in the pack. Cut it into cubes and throw in a frying pan with some oil. Fry on a medium heat, turning every few minutes until it’s golden and crispy on most sides

Beans – use black beans or chickpeas

Rice – I like to use Tesco own brand white basmati. You’ll want 1 cup of rice to 2 cups of water in your saucepan and a pinch of salt. Bring it to the boil and let to simmer til the water has drained off. Give it a stir and a fluff and leave to sit for a couple of minutes before serving to make sure it’s soaked up any last drops of moisture

Toppings – totally optional but I love to throw one or all of the following on top to serve: chopped fresh tomato, some smashed avocado, a wedge of lime, vegan mayo, pickle or chutney



There you have it, there you go! I hope that’s brought a little vegan inspiration into your life and you’re ready to make something quick, vegan and delicious.

If you want me to go over anything in more detail let me know and I can post full in depth recipes (I’m thinking 2 & 5 might need a tad more detail?). Also if you have any requests, perhaps a favourite ingredient or an ingredient you’re not sure what to do with, hit me up!

I want to help you to go vegan or to make small steps towards veganism so please ask away! Consider me you’re own personal vegan coach!

And when in doubt, there’s always beans on toast



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