On my one year veganniversary I wrote a list of 9 things I learnt when I went vegan and since every day is a school day, here we are with another 9 things I have learnt. I tried to keep it fun, but, you guys, it gets dark at the end…

  1. There will be people who just want to argue with you for the sake of arguing and you shouldn’t waste your time or energy on them
  2. Tofu Bacon & Coconut Cheese are far tastier than that made from an animal
  3. Soy Milk is the best milk for frothing
  4. Salad & Chips may be a frustrating default menu choice in most Omni places (usually pubs) but ordering Salad & Chips at Mildreds (pic below) is a damn fine life choice
  5. I don’t miss any of the things that people assume vegans miss (bacon, cheese, etc) but I do sometimes miss Lilt, my faith in humanity and not having to stand around in the wine section for ages trying to get phone signal to check Barnivore to see which wines are vegan
  6. Vegan cheese is actually called Gary
  7. It’s a really exciting time to be vegan, with new product launches and new restaurants popping up everywhere
  8. Travelling as a vegan is so easy! Find Shake, Guac & Roll’s Travel Guides here, All Good All Vegan’s Guide here and Pretty Good LDN’s here
  9. You could get a longer prison sentence for showing compassion to a pig who is on it’s way to a slaughter house than you can get for literally raping a woman and ruining her life


Do you think I should have ended that list on more of a fun one?

Click here for 200 reasons to go vegan right now and click here to watch the film that started my vegan journey!



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  1. October 10, 2016 / 8:14 pm

    Number 7!!! Yes. Every week it feels like there’s something new & rad & vegan. It’s so bloody exciting!

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