THREE HOURS OF VEGAN-ING AROUND SHOREDITCH ft. Club Mexicana, Cook Daily, What the Pitta and Leon


Back in September I headed down to Shoreditch with my Mum & Sister in tow to eat all the food and to accompany my Sister whilst she spent an ungodly amount of money on trendy hand soap.

We ate at some of my favourite places, wandered around the shops and stopped to take pictures every four steps (this post is picture heavy and word-lite!). All in all, a very perfect day.


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Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! That’s the sound of me FINALLY completing my Club Mexicana locations bingo card.

On the weekend I stopped by Dinerama in Shoreditch to get my long overdue Vegan Mexican fix. Forgive me Father, for I think it has been SEVEN months since my last Club Mexicana!! That is the longest I have ever gone without Club Mex since they opened. WHY oh why did I ever move out of London *shakes fist at sky*




The incredible achievement of completing my Club Mexicana locations bingo card was overshadowed by an even bigger milestone. This was my Mum’s first ever Club Mexicana!

Almost as exciting as when I took my Sister for her first Club Mexicana last Summer in Camden. Taking her first bite of Tofish Taco, dripping chimichurri sauce straight onto my Nephew’s head as he napped in his baby bjorn. This is actually what’s known as a Vegan baptism.

Anyway, Mum LOVED it (of course) and she crowned the Chikn Wings as her favourite dish.


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Oh hi there! Long time no blog. In the most first world of all problems I’ve been without a computer for the last 6 months and blogging without one is pretty hard truth be told. Short story long, things should be back on track over the next few weeks, so buckle up and let’s get back to it.

A couple of weeks ago we headed over to Southend so that we could go for lunch at a place I’ve had on my list ever since moving out of London, the Railway Pub.

The Railway is a hotel, a very well loved music venue and a pub with a cracking vegan menu.

The staff are super friendly, the decor is really cool and they don’t charge extra for condiments. When can I move in??

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I’m a big tofu fan and this recipe is one of my all time favourite ways to eat it. I like to whip this up on a Friday or Saturday night, it feels like you’re having a takeaway but you’ve spent a fraction of the price!

This recipe is so comforting, sweet, rich and satisfying. The tofu has a great crunch and the sauce has the softest of spice kicks (but feel free to add more chilli or leave the chilli out altogether!). View Post