Hello, I’m Jen!


I’ve been Vegan since February 2015 and you can read more about that here. I started Win Friends with Salad in January 2016 as a way to show people how easy it is to switch to a Vegan Lifestyle. I am extremely passionate about Veganism, ending animal cruelty & educating people about Veganism and I aim to do everything I can to help other people get there

You can visit my HELPFUL LINKS tab to find links to all of my favourite corners of the Internet, you can visit my INTERVIEWS tab to get tonnes more tips from some of my favourite Vegan’s and you can get in touch with me via the CONTACT tab if you have any questions at all




I recently moved to leafy Hertfordshire with my Husband Tom, after a 5 year stint of living in London (Highbury, Hackney & Hampstead). We share our home with a small black cat named Boots and a medium sized Spanish rescue dog named Ralph

My favourite places to eat in London are Club Mexicana, Spice Box and Biff’s Jack Shack

Win Friends With Salad’s name was inspired by the famous “Lisa The Vegetarian” Simpsons episode, where Lisa decides she doesn’t want to eat meat anymore





EMAIL – jenniferwilliams@live.co.uk