Hello, I’m Jen!

I’ve been Vegan since February 2015 and you can read more about that here

I started Win Friends with Salad in January 2016 as a way to show other people how easy it is to switch to a Vegan Lifestyle. I am extremely passionate about Veganism, ending animal cruelty & educating people about Veganism.

I hope to provide help for those of you who have just gone Vegan; it can be pretty overwhelming and I want to share my tips with you. You can visit my HELPFUL LINKS tab to find links to all of my favourite corners of the Internet, you can visit my INTERVIEWS tab to get tonnes more tips from my favourite Vegan’s (if you’d like to be featured, click here and let me know!) and you can get in touch with me via the CONTACT tab if you have any questions at all!



I live in North London (soon to be moving to Herts) with my Husband Tom and our two black cats Puss & Boots.

I love to visit as many Vegan restaurants as I can, my favourites are Club Mexicana, Mildreds and Cook Daily. I love cooking and baking (and eating!) and generally making a big ol’ mess in the kitchen.

Win Friends With Salad’s name was inspired by the famous “Lisa The Vegetarian” Simpsons episode, where Lisa decides she doesn’t want to eat meat anymore.

You can read even more about me over on All Good All Vegan’s blog here

Thank you all so much for your lovely feedback <3




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