You know the ‘What I Ate’ drill… I tell you what I ate in a day and hopefully you get inspired, find a new product, meal or recipe idea.

On Saturday we didn’t fancy our usual big brunch but we still wanted something weekend-special. So off we went to our local “Health” Food Shop to pick up a packet of the delicious V Bites Facon (Fake Bacon).

This stuff is seriously good! Once fried and crispy it resembles all the good bits about bacon = crunchy/crispy/chargrilled/salty, with none of the bad bits = this list is far too long and gross to be listed here tbh.




To build this monster of a sandwich you will need:

Kingsmill White Doorstep Bread

So much Iceberg or Cos Lettuce

Thick-cut slices of Tomato

Lashings of Follow Your Heart Vegenase

A dollop of ketchup (dealers choice)

Dairy-free spread

V Bites Facon (accept no substitutes)

This is THE best sandwich! Sometimes we throw some avocado in when we’re feeling super flush, but so long as you have the above ingredients then it’s Happy Town, Population You!





This is one of our old favourites. It’s great when you want to use up some leftover, questionable veg and it’s just great always in general anyways.


Mushrooms, red onion, orange pepper (or any veg you have that you want to use up but I am super partial to an orange pepper in this) ~ chopped into bite size pieces, fry until softened

Add tin of drained and rinsed chickpeas

Add as many chopped or crushed cloves of garlic as you want (I usually go with at least 4 because garlic, but in this particular batch I used about 8)

Add a few teaspoons of turmeric, a couple of cumin, a dash of paprika/chilli powder/chilli flakes, lots of black pepper

Serve with rice, hummus, sesame seeds (super optional and only used to pretend I have my shit together) and Birdseye chillies (I prefer green but red are good too). A squeeze of lemon always works well but we didn’t have any in the fridge god damn it




I also scoffed an Alpro Hazlenut pudding pot in about 4 seconds flat but I didn’t take a picture because I ate it in the dark whilst watching Deadpool.

These pots are super tasty (a scoach nicer than their regular pudding pots) and I would recommend them!




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