I love Mexican food. I love chilli. I love tacos. My Husband (Tom) & I have eaten chilli a few nights a week for the last 4 & a half years and we will never tire of it. Sometimes we throw it in a burrito, sometimes we serve it up enchilada-style, sometimes we have it straight up with a side of tortilla chips n guacamole.

We’ve recently gotten into traditional, soft shell tacos and I don’t want to under-play this but OUR LIVES HAVE CHANGED. We have been having them with every meal, pretty much; you can make any night Taco Night if you just put your dinner in a taco. That’s just science.

So I guess this post is more of a serving suggestion for tacos/what I ate this particular night than a recipe; there are so many different things you can stuff a taco with and we always vary a filling here and there. I know I’ve banged on about chilli for most of this intro but we didn’t have any chilli with our tacos on this night, don’t @ me.  View Post





Name: Mel

Location: Somewhere between Manchester and Liverpool

Twitter/Instagram @names: @DarkRetro

About Me: staunchly 80s goth inspired, vaguely Kate Bush whimsical. People frequently say I look like Nigella but I don’t use irritating descriptives such as ‘oozingly’ or ‘sumptuously’. I’m pretty good pals with most cats. Probably your cats.

Favourite Animal: *Napoleon Dynamite voice* I’d have to say a Liger. It’s pretty much my favourite animal… But I haven’t seen one so I guess I’d say my cat Harry. He’s a grey/blue Russian blue/British shorthair. But don’t tell Murray, he’s our other less cuddly cat. (NB. For full disclosure, all cats are loved equally) View Post



Name:  Tomas Shore

Location: Hampstead, London

Twitter / Instagram Names: @M0by_Duck

About Me: Born in Sweden, grew up in Herefordshire and after many years in Newcastle, Cornwall & Mozambique, now settled down in London. Main interests are the sea, marine life, drunken elk and mountains. Used to work as a Diving Instructor, now work in charities and soon to be in children’s services for a North London council. Recently co-founded

Favourite Animal: The Mantis Shrimp. It kills its prey by punching the water so quickly that it creates a shockwave. Incredibly beautiful crustaceans and one of the most amazing creatures I’ve ever seen.


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