Last weekend we spent the day in Brighton for our friend Aaron’s Birthday and because he’s awesome he insisted we have lunch at Beelzebab because he knew I’ve been wanting to go there for aaages!

Beelzebab run the kitchen at the Hope & Ruin pub on Queen’s Road and they specialise in doner kebabs, hot dogs and loaded fries.

I had the doner kebab, chilli cheese fries and battered gherkin. And then I finished off Lex’s portion. No regrets.



Their kebabs are exceptional. They are enormous and the seitan is flavoured to perfection. The chilli cheese fries are ┬áincredible; the chips are salty, the chilli is rich and tomatoey (not spicy, but I won’t mark them down for it) and the melted cheese is creamy and luscious. And well the battered gherkin just made me emotional.

The pub’s decor is really cool – the kitchen is hidden away inside half a caravan, the booth next to where we were sitting was a bath tub and the mood lighting felt magical.

One of the best meals out I’ve had. Currently counting down the days till I can go back!








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