I think everyone has a different name for this type of dinner where you’ve got a little bit of this and a little bit of that, a kind of buffet style dinner; I call it a bits dinner. It doesn’t sound very glam, I know. Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It usually involves bits of leftovers and things I need to use up from the veg drawer (when you’re a vegan the whole fridge is your veg drawer though eh?).

I had some courgettes and carrots that needed to be used up so I was batch cooking those to use over the next few days with no intention of having them tonight but then the smell started to come through to the lounge and fuck me did they smell good! It reminds me of an Aziz Ansari joke, which of course I can’t find now, where he claims no-one ever smells brown rice and veggies cooking and is like Dang! can I have some!? But I really love the smell! Aziz, if you’re reading this, you’re welcome to come over for dinner any time. I’ll show you what’s up.

So, like my recent Taco post, this is not really a recipe post, it’s more a dinner idea. Or lunch. Whevs.


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Courgettes – roasted at 180 for about 20-30 mins in turmeric, pepper, oil and a tiny pinch of salt.

Carrots & Yellow Bell Pepper – roasted at 180 for about 40 mins in garlic powder, chilli flakes, chilli powder, curry powder, brown sugar and oil.

Tomatoes – added on top of the carrots/pepper for the last 15-20 mins of their cooking time, little bit of black pepper on them.

Leftover chilli – recipe coming soon.

50/50 quinoa/brown rice – had this for the first time at Cook Daily and it blew my tiny mind. It is so dang tasty! That man is a King! I cooked the brown rice and the quinoa separately and stirred them together once they were done. I think next time I make it I will try cooking them together in the same pot as that’s annoying. Made the brown rice with a pinch of salt and spiced the quinoa with pink salt, turmeric, chilli powder, garlic powder, pepper.

SauerkrautBiona – do you make your own? Should I make my own? Is the finished product worth all that work?

Hummus – Waitrose’s. Bit addicted to store bought hummus. Mine’s pretty good but store bought is so much better! Probably because it’s not as good for me!


SproutsGood4U Nutrition I am addicted to these, you can sprinkle them on ANY meal and it adds a bit of freshness and crunch. I get mine from Waitrose, they’re cheap and one box usually lasts me a week.

Batch cooked the crap out of everything so now we have stuff ready to go in the fridge for adding to any meals that take our fancy over the next week and/or packed lunches when we go back to on Tuesday.

I have these dishes which are so fricken handy for batch cooking because you can use them in the oven and they come with lids so once the glass and the contents have cooled you can pop the lid on and refrigerate to your hearts content. Very Stepford Wives, darling.





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