BRIGHTON ADVENTURES ft. Moshimo, Black Mocha, Infinity Foods & VBites


This past weekend my family descended on Brighton to celebrate my lovely Nan’s 80th Birthday. Nan has always wanted to visit the Royal Pavilion and what better time to do it than on your 80th?!

Brighton being the Vegan mecca that it is, I went armed with a (restrained) list of places I wanted to nip into whilst we were there. I had my heart set on Happy Maki, Glazed Coffee, V Bites and Black Mocha but only managed two out of four on this trip *shakes fist*

After a freshen up and a drink in the hotel, off we headed towards Happy Maki so I could grab one of their famous Sushi rolls for my dinner but it was not meant to be as they had sold out an hour before closing!



Heartbroken and hungry on the walk back to the hotel after a bowl of chips elsewhere and a nightcap in the ever lovely Druids Inn, we passed by the beautiful Moshimo with their lights still glowing and the plates of sushi hovering along on their conveyor belts.



We swarmed in, like three gin drenched moths flitting towards a lamp. Moshimo were technically closed but I managed to talk them into selling me a couple of small plates to takeaway.

I nabbed 4 oshinko hosomaki (radish) and 2 tofu, mizuna , sun dried tomato, red onion & cucumber maki. Really tasty and great value for money at £5 for both.





After a dismal hotel breakfast (more on that later) and whilst my Nan was being pampered in the Hotel Spa, my Grandad & I wandered the sunny Laines in search of the Black Mocha Coffee Shop on the recommendation of my own personal Coffee Guru, my friend Jo.

Jo is great for a very many reason but one is that you can text her a location and ask where has the best coffee and she will know!


I had a silky smooth iced coffee and my Grandad had an iced dark chocolate. It was the best iced coffee I’ve had and we had a side of raw vegan snickers cake which was so decadent and rich that I had to take the rest home with me!

Would recommend Black Mocha Coffee Shop to a friend and I would also recommend following Jo’s instagram as she is always recommending new coffee shops!




What kind of Vegan Tourist would I be if I didn’t make a stop into Infinity Foods on my way past? A bad one, that’s what.

Infinity Foods is like a reasonably priced Whole Foods. They sell everything from milk to moon cups, from chocolate to chewing gum, from spinach to spaghetti. Not everything is Vegan, but most of it is.

My Grandad looked on with faux embarrassment as I photographed my way around the store. He says he doesn’t take photos as he browses the aisles of Sainsbury’s…



I didn’t want to spend too much money in here, as I knew I could get carried away very quickly. My haul included a Sausage Roll, a Chelsea bun (to take home for Tom), a GoMaxGo Mars Bar and a packet of Biona mints. I’ll pause here so you can applaud my great show restraint.

The sausage roll was absolutely delicious; the pastry was so flaky & buttery. 10/10




Home of the Vegan Elvis Burger (banana and peanut butter! Yikes!), V Bites is a wonderful cafe set over two floors with a mini market inside.

The menu is made up of burgers and wraps using their own brand mock meats that you can purchase in their fridge section and they are also stocked in places like Holland & Barratt, Ocado and your local health food shop. I highly recommend their Facon – it is THE best!



I went for the mock duck wrap (the kebab wrap was SOLD OUT!) and I ate it along the seafront as my Mum shielded me from any opportunistic seagulls.





The decor in the hotel was great…and that was the only good thing! Over priced, no A/C, the shutters didn’t block out the light during the night/morning and the breakfast…



We were told they had a separate Vegan menu for breakfast and they didn’t…

I got the vegetarian breakfast minus the eggs and the veggie sausages (sadly they weren’t accidentally vegan! Why oh why weren’t they Linda McCartney!?). The waiter offered to bring me extra mushrooms and tomatoes but I guess he forgot on his way to the kitchen… Probably for the best since they were flavourless and cooked poorly.



That butter top top left isn’t vegan by the way, that was Mum’s; they didn’t have any vegan butter!





I’ve been to Brighton lots of times and I’ve wanders around the Pavilion’s gardens but I never knew you could actually go inside the building.

It was once a Royal residence but now belongs to Brighton. For £13 per person you can enjoy room after room of lavish Chinese inspired decor, 15ft high chandeliers and 9,000 teenagers on school trips.



My favourite part was learning about the Pavilion’s fluffiest resident, George the cat, who lived in the Palace during the 80’s and is paid tribute to with a few toys in his likeness dotted throughout the building.





Obviously we went down to the seafront and had a walk along the pier. They don’t actually let you leave Brighton until you’ve done so.




Glazed Coffee is still on my list, I will definitely get my hands on their doughnuts next time I’m in town, it will be the first place I head!

I had such a lovely couple of days hanging out with my family, pointing at seagulls and drinking gin. Until next time, Brighton ✌️?





  1. July 16, 2017 / 3:15 am

    That hotel breakfast is so sad but everything else looks great. I definitely miss Brighton when I’m travelling and I can’t wait to try Black Mocha when I get back.

  2. September 17, 2017 / 2:12 pm

    Black Mocha is incredible right! I spent a lot of days post-uni drinking coffee and eating cake in there! Such a shame about the breakfast. It’s gutting not being able to show your family ‘ hey vegans eat AMAZING FRY UPS’ okay! Glad you managed to squeeze in some great treats!

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