THREE HOURS OF VEGAN-ING AROUND SHOREDITCH ft. Club Mexicana, Cook Daily, What the Pitta and Leon


Back in September I headed down to Shoreditch with my Mum & Sister in tow to eat all the food and to accompany my Sister whilst she spent an ungodly amount of money on trendy hand soap.

We ate at some of my favourite places, wandered around the shops and stopped to take pictures every four steps (this post is picture heavy and word-lite!). All in all, a very perfect day.


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Summer is the worst. As soon as it gets past 80 degrees I am a hot sweaty mess, quite often unable to string a sentence together and very, very grumpy.

I know I’m not alone in my hatred of the worst season of the year so I thought I’d share a few of my favourite tips on how to survive the heat.


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Win Friends with a rescue dog


A few weeks ago we adopted a dog and we named him Ralph. He is the sweetest, most wonderful, gentle pupper. Growing up we always had a dog around, we had 3 German shepherds (Lady, Chas & Buster) and we had a black Lab (Abbey), but Ralph is my first dog as a grown up (getting a dog is definitely the most grown up thing I’ve ever done!).

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At the end of last year I wrote a post about all the new restaurants and cafes I visited in 2015 (there weren’t loads ~ click here to read it) and this year I wanted to end the year with the same blog post.

Last year I only included London and I left out things like high street chains & bakeries and I only included fully Vegan/Vegetarian places, but this year I’ve listed pretty much everything because 1) I bloody love lists 2) I hope it gives you a few places to add to your list of places you want to go to and 3) I love having a list to look back on ~ eating is the best hobby and Vegan joints are my Pokémon.

I’ve included both brand new to me places and places I’ve already been to but tried something new and noteworthy.

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