Oh hi there! Long time no blog. In the most first world of all problems I’ve been without a computer for the last 6 months and blogging without one is pretty hard truth be told. Short story long, things should be back on track over the next few weeks, so buckle up and let’s get back to it.

A couple of weeks ago we headed over to Southend so that we could go for lunch at a place I’ve had on my list ever since moving out of London, the Railway Pub.

The Railway is a hotel, a very well loved music venue and a pub with a cracking vegan menu.

The staff are super friendly, the decor is really cool and they don’t charge extra for condiments. When can I move in??

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Finally a Vegan sandwich option from Starbucks!

As soon as I heard the whispers about this one, my ears pricked up with excitement. I am addicted to their Soy Mocha Frappuccino and always massively disappointed that their only food option is fruit – ew!

The Christmas before last they had a festive flatbread which was Vegan and it was just OK, I was a little apprehensive and had low expectations about the new offering. View Post


Vegan Options at Mcdonald's


Ideally we’d all boycott McDonald’s

Since going Vegan a couple of years ago I’ve had McDonald’s firmly near the top of my hate list. Summed up as a giant conveyor belt of cruelty to animals and they’re doing terrible things to the planet.

I hadn’t been in one since I went Vegan until very recently. Living in central London for so long and being so spoilt for choice with Vegan options everywhere I looked, it just never crossed my mind to go in there.

I support other ‘ethically questionable’ places which offer Vegan options but McDonald’s was always a place I would say a hard no to. View Post