Matapa was one of the first meals my husband Tom ever made for me. It’s a very delicious curry he was taught how to cook whilst he was living in Mozambique working as a Scuba Diving Instructor.

Matapa is a local dish which is usually full of prawns but nowadays we switch out the prawns (does anyone else think prawns look like bugs?) for mushrooms. We usually have it as it is but on the night I took this picture we added a Fry’s Family chicken-style burger (with siracha) because sometimes you just need to have a little Fry’s. View Post


vegan cheese sauce nacho

First of all, what do you call cheeze that’s not your cheeze? NACHO CHEEZE *the crowd goes wild*

I have a couple of different ways I like to make my nacho cheeze sauce, depending on what veggies I have on hand but the fried onions are non-negotiable for me; they are what makes this sauce so darn delicious.  View Post





Last weekend we spent the day in Brighton for our friend Aaron’s Birthday and because he’s awesome he insisted we have lunch at Beelzebab because he knew I’ve been wanting to go there for aaages!

Beelzebab run the kitchen at the Hope & Ruin pub on Queen’s Road and they specialise in doner kebabs, hot dogs and loaded fries.

I had the doner kebab, chilli cheese fries and battered gherkin. And then I finished off Lex’s portion. No regrets.


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