“I wanted to bring real Italian food to Britain” – Priscilla Conran

The first Carluccio’s café was opened in 1999 in London, by Antonio Carluccio (one half of the Two Greedy Italians) and his then wife Priscilla Conran (of The Conran Shop). Carluccio’s now has over 80 branches in the UK, 2 in Ireland and 6 in the Middle East. They have quite a large non-Vegan menu as well as small food shops in their stores – (my Nan bought one bottle of olive oil while we were there for about £25!!)

A few weekends ago we were looking for a Vegan & Omni-friendly place for a family celebration and Carluccio’s seemed like a good option for us all. Although from a quick glance at the menu you can see they only have one Vegan option but the Vegan’s in the group all agreed a bowl of tomato spaghetti would be pretty darn agreeable on a cold Sunday afternoon. View Post



The concept of a cheeseless pizza used to really upset me. My Husband has never liked cheese so whenever we had pizza order it without cheese and I always used to think he was missing out, that his meal was sub-par and I thought that he was taking one for the team so that I could enjoy an oozing slice (ew). I thought that in order for pizza to BE pizza it had to have cheese.

Then I went Vegan.

One of the first things that I tried after “The Big Event” was a cheeseless pizza. It was a homemade base with some of my favourite toppings – spicy, tangy pickled jalapenos, sweet n juicy pineapple chunks and generous chunks of fresh tomatoes sprinkled on top. I remember exclaiming “THIS TASTES JUST LIKE PIZZA!!”

It turned out I was wrong all along. That pizza was in fact the friends we made along the way and that cheese doesn’t matter!

From my very first bite of cheeseless pizza I was sold. I was a Belieber believer. Do I miss cheese? No I fucking don’t mate.

Although. I have become a fan of Vegan cheese along the way. It took me a while to get into it but I am so glad I persevered through a long stretch of being on the verge of giving up. I tried some brands and styles that I hadn’t done before and slowly and surely I found which Vegan cheeses I liked. Which ones went with what. Which ones melted the best (Violife Pizza Cheese). And so on. View Post



Lola’s Cupcakes have been serving up Vegan cupcake realness since 2014 and I had absolutely no idea until last month! I can’t remember who I saw Instagram one but I almost couldn’t believe my eyes! Why aren’t more Vegans talking about this!?!?

They have 19 locations across London, brace yourself for a list of all of them – Blackfriars Tube, High Street Kensington Tube, Selfridges, Bluewater (not technically London I know, soz), Kings Cross Tube, Spitalfields Market, Brent Cross, London City Airport, Topshop Oxford Circus, Canary Wharf, Marylebone, Victoria, Cannon Street Tube, Mayfair, Waterloo Tube, Chancery Lane Tube, Picadilly Circus Tube, Westfield Shepherds Bush ad Covent Garden. WHAM! Hopefully one of those is near you because their Vegan cupcakes are VERY GOOD and you should get one. View Post




Wahaca is a Mexican style chain restaurant founded by 2005 Masterchef winner Thomasina Miers. The first branch was opened in 2007 and by 2015 they had 19 branches – that is so impressive! This was my first visit to the Southbank branch and my first visit to a Wahaca as a Vegan. It used to be my go to place, so I was really excited (and a little apprehensive) about my visit. View Post