*Edit from the Future: Club Mexicana are no longer at Street Feast’s Lewisham location, but you can now find them at Street Feast’s Shoreditch location*

When the good people at Club Mexicana asked me if I wanted to pop down to hang out with them at Street Feast’s Model Market in Lewisham a couple of weekends ago, to make my dreams come true and eat my way through their entire menu and post some pictures of what I ate to their Instagram page, I said yes quicker than I did to my Husband when he proposed.

If you haven’t already heard of Club Mexicana then 1. WHAT!? Where have you been?? and 2. They are an all Vegan, Mexican style food truck (minus the actual truck), and they can be found at various locations throughout London with occasional Supper Clubs (which I’ve written about here) thrown in for excellent, delicious measure.

I have been a big Club Mexicana fan since I first picked up one of their infamous jackfruit burritos at Kerb (a weekly Street Food festival with locations dotted around London) last Summer. It was love at first bite. Ever since then I’ve been getting a Club Mexicana fix whenever I can and you can usually find me conveniently forgetting to bring my packed lunch into work on a Thursday so I just have to nip out of the office to grab a burrito from their hot pink stand at Kerb, Kings Cross ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


This was my first time visiting CM at Street Feast’s Lewisham location and I loved it. The atmosphere was wonderful. It had just finished utterly bucketing it down when we got there and the sun starting to peek out of the clouds until it was full on bright sunshine; a perfect, fresh British Summer evening. Everyone was in high spirits and it felt like a really friendly BBQ on a summer day with your best mates, relaxed, happy, fun picnic in the park complete with total Ibizan sunset chill bar vibes (I enjoyed myself, can you tell!?). There were lots of people there for after work drinks, people on dates and families with young kids.

Street Feast have a few locations around London – Lewisham, Canada Water, Dalston and Shoreditch. I’ve previously visited Club Mexicana at the Canada Water location and loved it in there too, it’s inside an enormous warehouse space (over the Summer they have outside space too), it’s pretty epic and there’s a Camden Hells beer truck in there too so I don’t know what else you need in life apart from that tbh. Overall, Street Feast is pretty meat heavy so do check that Club Mexicana are on before you head on down.

Here’s what we ate –



We kicked off our tasting session with a tasty trio of tacos. From left to right:

Seitan Chorizo, Red Pepper and Potato, with Chipotle Cashew Cheeze – this was a special for the weekend we went

BBQ Pulled Jackfruit with Guacamole, Sour Cream, Pink Pickled Onions and Habanero Salsa – the infamous jackfruit burrito in taco form. Scrumptious.

Beer Battered To-fish (Fish made of Tofu) with Chimichurri (parsley sauce), Salted Chillies and Sour Cream – HELL YEAH!!!! BEST. TO-FISH. EVERRR. *dances* And the chimichurri is incredible, I want to drink a gallon of it! My Husband has never been a fan of parsley but he lapped this up! My mouth is watering at the mere thought of this one.





This was my first ever try of this I N C R E D I B L E creation. When I bit into my first one I (no joke) broke out into an enormous grin and there may or may not have been some manic, uncontrollable giggling. That right there, is the PURE JOY of good food!! The cheeze is so melty and rich and oozy in a crunchy crumb beer battered coating with hot sauce and home made sour cream. The campaign to get the Cheeze Fries at EVERY SINGLE Club Mexicana location starts right now!!

I know a lot of my Vegan friends who don’t eat Vegan cheese because they don’t like it but I know if they were to try these they would be converted instantly!

image image


Hey it’s @jenniams here for day 2 of my #ClubMexicanaTakeOver Here’s a shot of the amazing Jackfruit Burrito I had last night at Model Market Lewisham that I’m still thinking about today! ?? Enormous amounts of tasty BBQ jackfruit with the creamiest guacamole you will ever eat ??? It’s a great dish to get your omni friends to try, so bring them with you and get them on the jackfruit band wagon, there’s room for everybody! ???✨ You can get one tonight from 5pm at @streetfeastldn at either Model Market Lewisham or Hawker House at Canada Water and there’s no rain forecast for the rest of the day! ??☀️? #vegan #plantpower #veganfastfood #veganlondon #streetfood #veganstreetfood #burrito #jackfruit #vegansofig #dairyfree #guacamole #britishsummer #veggie #plantbased #notjustforvegans

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Club Mexicana’s burritos are definitely what they are best known for. Their burritos are a mother flippin’ sensation. First up, they are massive (although I could definitely still eat more than one) and you get such a generous portion of the BBQ pulled jackfruit and creamy guacamole as well as rice, salad and pink salted chillies.

You can also choose to have half Jackfruit, half black beans, which we opted for which made for an extra smoky flavour.



A species of tree in the Mulberry and Breadfruit family, its fruit is the largest tree-borne fruit, reaching as much as 35 kg, 90 cm in length, and 50 cm in diameter. Native to parts of South Asia it produces 100-200 fruits per year. Jackfruit is a very popular food throughout most tropical regions (enjoyed in both sweet & savoury dishes) and we have Club Mexicana to gleefully thank for making jackfruit popular in London!

It is such a great mimic for pulled pork and as someone who can still remember what pulled pork actually tastes like I can safely declare it is BETTER and the texture is MUCH nicer (more melt in the mouth and less chew for days). I’ve also seen people create epic chicken style dishes using jackfruit (here and here). Three cheers for Jackfruit!





Show me a person who doesn’t like nachos and I will show you a liar. Nachos are everybody’s friend. the only bad thing about nachos is how shareable they are. Club Mexicana’s nachos are piled high with the following: black beans, cheese sauce, salted chillies, guacamole, pink pickled onions and salsa; and you can add a portion of jackfruit on top for £2.


Hello ? it’s your friendly neighbourhood food blogger @jenniams again for another slice of my #clubmexicanatakeover to talk to you about nachos, gather around, everybody. Here we have the Fully Loaded Nachos – black beans, cheeze sauce, salted chillies, guacamole, pink pickled onions & salsa ??? you can also add jackfruit (did you know this emoji is a jackfruit ????) for £2. They’re crunchy, salty, cheezy, everything a good plate of nachos should be. The only down side to nachos is how shareable they are ? Get down to @streetfeastldn #HawkerHouse Canada Water or #ModelMarket Lewisham to get yours RIGHT NOW ???☀️ #vegan #notjustforvegans #nachos #streetfood #veganstreetfood #buzzfeast #feedfeed #feedfeedvegan #plantpower #plantbased #dairyfree #london #veggie #vegetarian #lewisham #canadawater #foodfestival

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?Hey it’s @jenniams here with another instalment of my #ClubMexicanaTakeover at @streetfeastldn May I present you with a close up of the tacos I enjoyed last night ? L-R: Chorizo, Red Pepper & Potato Taco with Chipotle Cashew Cheese, BBQ Pulled Jackfruit with guacamole, pink pickled onions, sour cream and habanero salsa, Beer-battered to-fish, chimichurri (of which, I could totally drink a gallon by itself!!), salted chillies and sour cream ??? All #Vegan, All #Amazing ??? The Club Mexicana to-fish IS THE BEST thing you will ever eat ??? #VeganStreetFood #StreetFood #VeganLondon #Tacos #VeganTacos #BestOfLondon #BuzzFeast #vegetarian #veggie #plantbased #plantpower #canadawater #lewisham #streetfeast #tofu #tofish #foodfestival #foodie #londonfood

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I’ve managed to narrow down my favourite items from the menu to help you decide what to order when you visit. It has to be the Jackfruit Burrito, Tofish Tacos and Beer Battered Cheeze Fries. Although, honestly I think you should treat yourself to one of everything because you work really hard and you deserve it.

One of my favourite things about Club Mexicana is the wonderful, friendly team that they’ve put together. Everyone’s always been so welcoming and lovely whenever I’ve visited them anywhere. Thank you so much again to you all for looking after me and inviting me! I had an absolutely wonderful night!





TWITTER: @ClubMexicana

INSTAGRAM: @ClubMexicana


I visited CM at Street Feast’s Model Market, 196 High Street, Lewisham SE13 6LS where they usually are on a Friday & Saturday Night from 5pm (free entry before 7pm, £3 after).

For a full list of upcoming locations click here

*Over the summer, locations may be irregular due to festivals/events. Keep an eye on checking their website/social media for opening info.


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