Wasabi is great if you’re in need of a quick, filling lunch on the go or on a day you’ve forgotten to bring a packed lunch (me, always).

Everything in there is clearly labelled as to what you can eat. They don’t have “vegan” on things but they have “veg” for vegetarian then clear symbols on the shelves to say if the product contains milk or eggs etc so I’ll take that as a win.


My favourite option is their Sweet Chilli Tofu Curry, it’s £5.99 so not the cheapest lunch option out there but it is really tasty. It’s a very generous portion of chewy/textured tofu, peppers, onions and pineapple in a thick spicy & sweet sauce that’s served with sticky rice, edamame and grated carrot. It’s almost too much to eat in one meal but you’ll want to take your leftovers away with you as its one of those meals where you’re hungry again a couple of hours later.

They also have a great selection of Vegan Sushi boxes in lots of different sizes. Wasabi also has lots of individual pieces of sushi you can purchase, of which I highly recommend the Tofu Nigiri – it is a combination of sweet & soy and it is delightful. In the picture below I’ve added one piece into a box set (top left piece). It’s hard to visit Wasabi without getting a couple of pieces to eat then or save for later!


Click here to find your nearest Wasabi branch.



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