Zizzi are the first UK High Street chain to offer a Vegan cheese in their restaurants and it is delicious!

They started offering Mozzarisella (made with organic rice milk) back in March and it’s taken me until now to try it even though everybody has been raving about it!

This was my first ever visit to a Zizzi and I was expecting that pizza base to be similar to Pizza Express (a little thick and doughy) but I was pleasantly surprised to find the Zizzi pizzas are actually much more comparable to that of Franco Manca – thin, crispy, dreamy.

I went for mushrooms, olives, red onions and green chillies with a side of broccoli because broccoli is life.

The cheese is incredible. It’s very similar in consistency to a white sauce as opposed to a chewy/poorly melted style of vegan cheese. Definitely will be on the look out for this brand in shops so I can recreate at home.


Enjoyed my pizza so much that I wanted to go back for dinner! However, three of my dinner companions had meat/cheese based meals and they didn’t rate their meals highly at all. Which is maybe more a sign that they should go vegan than anything else 🙂


Prices vary from branch to branch (weird) – a Margherita at the Bishops Stortford branch is £7.95 and all extra toppings are 80p each. You can view the whole menu (including prices) here and happily Zizzi are on Deliveroo as well. Really looking forward to my next visit to Zizzi!



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