Bonjour! Welcome to part three of my Restaurants to recommend to you from my recent trip to Paris. That’s a catchy series name, perhaps I’ll trademark it. You can catch up on the series so far, part one is here and part two is here.

As soon as I knew we were going to Paris I started compiling a list of places I wanted to eat in and Hank Burger was top of the list, so when my friend Aaron also suggested Hank (after doing some separate research of his own) it was decided! – side note, how awesome to have an omni friend who is not only willing to visit vegan places with me and my husband but also researches them too!

Hank Burger is located on Rue des Archives in La Marais, in the 3rd arrondissement. The restaurant is entirely Vegan, they have 4 permanent Burgers on the menu and 1 special (‘Le Touriste’) that changes regularly. The basis of each burger is an organic soy patty, melted (vegan) cheese, tomatoes, red oinions, pickles, salad, toasted wholemeal bun – and you can get a Gluten-free bun for an extra €2. The 4 variations are:

  1. La Catcheuse – mustard sauce, alfalfa sprouts
  2. L’Allume – smoky BBQ sauce, red peppers
  3. Le Petit Nerveux – coriander sauce, tortilla chips
  4. Tata Monique – tomato-basil sauce, olives

They offer two different meal deals or you can get a burger on its own for €8:

  • Le Petit Menu – Burger + Side + Drink for 12 euro*
  • Le Grand Menu – Burger + Side + Drink + Dessert for 14 euro*

*add 1 more euro for beer or wine



I had the ‘La Catcheuse’ Burger (above) – Dijon mustard and alfalfa sprouts. It was so delicious that I bought a second one to take away with me to have for breakfast the next day. No regrets.


Lex had the Tata Monique (above left) – tomato & basil sauce with black olives – with a gluten free bun which was surprisingly good, it tasted exactly the same as my gluten-full bun. It’s so rare that you find GF bread that tastes good! Rejoice!

Tom had the Le Petit Nerveux (above right) coriander sauce and tortilla chips.

Aaron had the L’Allume – smoky BBQ sauce and red peppers – I didn’t manage to get a pic of that one though, whoops.

We all argued for a solid ten minutes about whose burger was the best, each believing we’d won but really it was me who won best order. My only complaint is that the chips on offer are potato wedges and not fries.



The restaurant itself is pretty small, they have two small tables downstairs (high tables with high stools – v difficult to climb atop one of those stools when you’re 5 foot 2) and they have extra seating upstairs. It was very busy when we were in there, the queue was winding around the entire downstairs and I spotted a Deliveroo driver picking up a collection (note to self, next time I go to Paris, stay within the delivery radius and have Hank for every meal). I get the feeling that this place is constantly this busy, so be prepared to queue for a while (we waited 5-10 minutes) and you may need to take your burger to go and enjoy it in one of the nearby parks (a couple of which I have listed below).

My fellow sauce addicts will be pleased to know that Hank offers ginormous sized self-service pots of mustard, ketchup and (home-made) Veganaise (pictured below right) that you can help yourself to and take as much of as you like. The pots look just like the vultures in The Jungle Book (OK, maybe not just like – but its all I can see).

The Hank in Hank Burger is not named after a person (not even Tom Hanks), but HANK stands for Have A Nice Karma and I think that is a lovely touch.

I long for the day when Hank Burger open up a London branch. I am currently trying to talk my Husband into going to Paris with me in an afternoon and back just so I can get a burger fix!




Notre Dame Cathedral (20 min walk)

Pompidou Centre (7 minute walk) no-one quite knows what the Pompidou Centre is but we aren’t supposed to ask.

Square du Temple (5 minute walk) is a beautiful garden to sit in if you wanted to get your Hank Burger to go.

Picasso Museum (6 minute walk)

Anne Frank Garden (7 minute walk)

Le Trente Neuf (7 minute walk) is the most wonderful cocktail bar with marble tables, plush navy chairs, tiled flooring and a very generous happy hour!





55 Rue des Archives, 75003 Paris, France

WEBSITE: www.HankBurger.com

TWITTER: @HankRestaurant

INSTAGRAM: @HankRestaurant

CONTACT: Contact@HankBurger.com

OPENING HOURS: Every day 12 – 10pm


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