If you would like to be featured on the blog, please send me your answers to the following questions along with some pictures to go alongside the interview (things you’ve cooked or eaten, pets, makeup/toiletteries, you etc). I would love to hear from you and feature you on the blog!

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About Me:

Favourite Animal:


When did you go vegan?


Why did you go vegan?


What have you found challenging/difficult?


What product most surprised you when you found out it wasn’t Vegan/Cruelty free?


If you could say anything to your previous non-Vegan-self what would it be?


What are your favourite Vegan restaurants/cafes/shops?


What is your favourite/best Vegan documentary/book/Instagram account/blog/YouTuber?


Which well-known vegans would you have at your fantasy dinner party and what 3 course meal would you serve?


What advice would you give someone who was thinking about going vegan?


Please can you show us a picture of the inside of your fridge/cupboards?


Any further comments or anecdotes to share: