Name: Chaice Neuchterlien | Location: Birmingham, UK | Instagram: @chaicechaice

About Me: I’m Chaice, I’m 22 years old and I live in Birmingham with my boyfriend and our cat. I work as a stylist full time and any spare time is spent watching as much Netflix as possible. My favourite things are 90s britpop and soya flat whites.

Favourite Animal: Cats but quite fond of basically ALL OF THEM.

When did you go vegan?

I went vegan some time around August 2014.

Why did you go vegan?

Honestly, because I went vegetarian around six months prior – I felt disgusting and I had discovered how awful the dairy industry was and could no longer support it.

What have you found difficult / challenging?

At first I found not being able to eat EVERYTHING quite a challenge but the most difficult thing is other people and their opinions.

What product most surprised you when you found out it wasn’t Vegan/Cruelty free?

Makeup and household cleaning items. I’d never given it a second thought before.

If you could say anything to your previous non-Vegan-self what would it be?

Stop listening to The Smiths – Meat is Murder all of the time but still eating meat willingly you idiot. Stop killing spiders. Eat more greens. Stroke more dogs. Don’t go veggie overnight just go vegan!!!

What are your favourite Vegan restaurants/cafes/shops?

I’m quite fond of V Unless Hardcore Vegan Catering, Jyotis Birmingham, Mr Singhs and V Revs. My favourite cafes would be Faculty Coffee & Sixteen Bakery, Tilt and 200 degrees. My favourite vegan shop is the Purely Vegan store in Kings Heath Birmingham – for all of my never ending vegenaise wants and needs. Not all of my favourites are completely vegan but offer bangin’ options. (not including chain stores)


Sunday roast on a Monday ? Ur welcome @queenisdeadxvx

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What is your favourite/best Vegan documentary/book/Instagram account/blog/YouTuber?

My favourite documentary would be Cowspiracy because it’s the first one I watched and it really inspired me as a newbie.

I’m not pregnant and I don’t plan on being so any time soon but I really enjoyed browsing through the Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide, honest parenting and a vegan diet is alright by me so that would be my favourite book/guide.

My favourite instagram account would be my  lovely friend @abigailxvx – not only is she a badass babe but she also works tirelessly for The Vegan Society and tends to post great food, I’m obviously a huge fan of @jenniams too ✨

My favourite vegan YouTuber would probably be Lauren Toyota from Hot For Food.




Which well-known vegans would you have at your fantasy dinner party and what 3 course meal would you serve?

Erykah Badu, John Joseph & Morrissey HAHAHAHA. I’d probably get too stressed out making a three course meal for four of us if I’m honest so I’d make BBQ cauliflower wings with homemade ranch, no oil seasoned skin on fries and steamed greens and they can help themselves to a Tesco’s own strawberry cornetto if they want!



What advice would you give someone who was thinking about going vegan?

I’m no good with words but I’d show them pictures of meals I eat on a day to day basis to prove how easy it is, ask them to watch Cowspiracy and buy them a few packs of Oreos and remember “you’re doing the best you can”.

Please can you show us a picture of the inside of your fridge/cupboards?

I like chickpeas OK!




Thank you so much for taking part in my interview series, Chaice! 

If anyone is wondering, I paid Chaice £20 to mention me as one of her fave Instagrammers ;p

If you would like to appear on the blog, please contact me here, I would love to hear from you.



  1. June 15, 2017 / 3:46 am

    I always love these interviews, it’s fun getting to know other vegans!

    • June 16, 2017 / 12:00 pm

      Thank you so much, Jo, I am so glad you like them! I started them as a way to find out more about my online friends and have found them so interesting, thought provoking and helpful. I would be over the moon if you would like to submit one! No pressure, but would love to have you if you are interested 🙂 x

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