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Name: Amy Xina | Location: Leeds | Instagram: amyxina | Twitter: amyxina

About Me: I’m 23 years old, living in Leeds. I have just finished a degree in Graphic Design.

Favourite Animal: Rabbits!!!

When did you go vegan?

I made the decision to go vegan on the 3rd of March 2014.

Why did you go vegan?

I’m not sure, there wasn’t really one defining moment. I had been vegetarian on and off for a large part of my childhood and I think one day I just made the connection that baby cows are taken from their mothers to create milk and from there I started researching veganism. Activists like Freelee the Banana girl definitely helped me in the beginning to become more informed.

Friends not food ? ??? #vegan #vegetarian #crueltyfree

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What have you found challenging/difficult?

I find veganism really, really easy. I was never a HUGE fan of cheese and eggs. Plus living in England (and now a major city) there are plenty of places to eat out. I’d say the hardest part for me is facing criticism as there’s a lot of hate directed towards vegans. It can also be quite upsetting watching people eat meat, dairy or eggs when you know it’s come from a place of cruelty.

What product most surprised you when you found out it wasn’t Vegan/Cruelty free?

Fruit and things made with fruit, some are covered in shellac which isn’t vegan friendly.

If you could say anything to your previous non-Vegan-self what would it be?


What are your favourite Vegan places?

In Leeds I absolutely love yo sushi, they have a ton of vegan options! I also like wasabi, itsu, pret (I desperately wish we had a veggie pret), Global Tribe Cafe and Grove (they have a huge selection of vegan pizzas and curry)

What is your favourite:

Youtuber? I love Kiera Rose on YouTube she’s very relatable and honest. Also Monami Frost, she does a lot of easy and healthy recipes and also shows what her vegan kid eats.

Instagram accounts? @vegan.with.cats @katelouisepowell @sillygingervegan @earthlinged @iceandlettuce @london_afro_vegan @morgancrawf (and of course yourself)

Documentary? I would highly recommend the documentary Cowspiracy and I prefer the videos on Viva!’s website compared to Earthlings as they are UK based so It helps with showing people that this happens in the UK too.

Which well-known vegans would you have at your fantasy dinner party and what 3 course meal would you serve?

Ariana Grande I just love her! Also Kat Von D and Peter Dinklage, a bit of a strange mix.

For starter I’d make some avocado and veggie maki. Main I’d probably do some sort of tofu and noodle dish and for dessert homemade banoffee pie (as you can see I’ve never done a 3 course meal as the dessert doesn’t really go together) ?


What advice would you give someone who was thinking about going vegan?

Don’t beat yourself up if you make a mistake, it’s bound to happen. Do lots of research and make sure you’re getting all your nutrients. I’d say watch a few documentaries such as Cowspiracy or Earthlings if you’re still on the fence.

Please can you show us a picture of the inside of your fridge/cupboards?

Of course…

 Thank you so much for taking part, Amy!! Dying to go to Leeds to eat all of the Vegan pizza now!

If you would like to appear on the blog, please contact me here with your answers to the above questions. I would love to hear from you and share your Vegan tips with my readers!



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  1. May 26, 2017 / 11:09 am

    LOVED this interview! Amy’s posters are SO good – so beautiful and so powerful.

    Your blog is fantastique! xx

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