A round up of some of the things I’ve been loving this month.


Salt of the Earth Deodorant – I picked this up on a whim in Holland & Barrett as I’d almost run out of my old faithful Dr Organic. I picked this up because it seemed quite novel, it’s very different to a classic deodorant – it’s basically a crystal (potassium alum) which you apply to wet skin, it doesn’t leave any marks on your clothes and it’s free of chemicals, parabens, fragrance and alcohol. Let’s talk about sweat baby… I’ve been using this for about 6 weeks now and it works exactly how you’d expect a natural deodorant to – leaves you smelling fresh all day and doesn’t block sweat (so no blocked pores and you’re working with your body not against it) like an antiperspirant does. It’s £4.99 and lasts frickin’ ages!

UltraDEX Toothpaste – This is the best toothpaste I’ve tried since going Vegan. It whitens, it doesn’t foam and it tastes nice. All boxes ticked.

Peppermint and Poppy Seeds Friendly Soap – I first tried this soap in a Vegan Kind box last year and loved it instantly. It smells lovely, it’s very minty but not so minty that it bothers your privates and it doesn’t dry your skin like regular soaps do. I get through about 2 of these per month but at £1.99 a bar that’s fine with me.



I adore chillies and Thai chillies (aka Bird’s eye chilli) are my absolute favourite. This month they’ve been in nearly every single meal I’ve made! They’re great in cooked dishes but I also really like them raw on top of a jacket potato with hummus and spinach.



We’re moving house in the next few months, I’ve already started planning the decor (light blue, green marble, light pink, white & gold for the kitchen) and as soon as I saw these light blue silicon spatulas on Amara I just had to have them! How much do you want to bet they’re stained or broken before the move? Eek!


We’ve made this dry curry a few times this month and we even had it for brunch one Sunday. It’s so tasty and easy and simple and nourishing.




We served ours with a salsa made from avocado, tomato, lime juice and pepper (and some leftover hashbrowns). I love love love serving curries, chillis, stir frys with fresh, uncooked tomatoes!


Some of the other things I’ve been eating and loving this month –


Clockwise from top left – Jackfruit Jalfrezi from Spice Box, Jackfruit Burrito & Taco from Club Mexicana, Falafel Hummus Salad from Pret and Nachos from Vx.


Clockwise from top left – Chinese takeaway style crispy shredded chilli “beef”; Tofu, Satay, Broccoli, Rice; Tofu Mushroom pattys; Sloppy Joe Mix with beans, rice and sauce; Satay Noodles and broccoli; Jalapeno Poppers, refried beans and Fry’s Family “chicken” nuggets; Fry Up; Tofu, Lemon Cashew Dip and rice; Stir Fry.


Clockwise from top left – Jus Rol pain au chocolat, Vego on top of a stormy Primrose Hill, Cupcakes from Lola’s and biscuits from Vx.


Other things I’ve been loving this month include the Gilmore Girls, Sunflowers, my new Old English Company pillows, Pokemon GO and dreaming about Autumn (I am not for Summer).

What were your favourite things from July?


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