My friend Shenaz recently popped over for dinner, I made us a giant batch of Bel Phuri based on the recipe on Ava’s blog – click here to throw your tastebuds a party.

Alongside our tasty Bel Phuri bowls, I whipped us up a couple of Mocktails to wash everything down with. I invented this drink especially for Shenaz as I know she’s a big Lychee fan and it went down a treat!

The flavours of the mocktail didn’t interfere or compete with the Bel Phuri, which is utterly bursting with a thousand different and wonderful flavours! This drink is the perfect accompaniament to literally ANY meal (even a slice of toast!).



Blueberries are a great source of fibre, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Manganese. They are also not blue. They are purple.

I love that this mocktail isn’t overly sweet; the combination of the lychee and the blueberries makes for a subtle, sophisticated sweetness that isn’t in any way overpowering and sharp.



  • Lychee Juice
  • Sparkling Water
  • Robinsons Strawberry & Kiwi Cordial
  • Blueberries
  • Ice




Add 8-12 blueberries to a tall glass and rough them up with the back of a fork.



Add a few ice cubes (crushed would work even better if you’ve got the time).

Pour your lychee juice halfway up, then top that up with sparkling water.





Pour in a splash of the Strawberry & Kiwi cordial and top with a few more blueberries.






There’s no better way to while away an evening than with the company of a great friend and a pint of a lychee mocktail!



Let me know if you give The Shenaz Mocktail a go at home!



As you can probably tell from all the pictures above, my small cat Boots was VERY interested in my Mocktail. Here’s a picture I snapped of her literally the very second she finished a yawn and I CANNOT stop laughing at it!


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