I’ve written about Ms Cupcake once before (they made our wedding cakes, yes PLURAL, you can view that post here) but recently I tried a couple of new things from them and gosh darn it do I need to shout about them on here again!

Ms Cupcake is a shop in Brixton which specialises in exceedingly delicious Vegan cakes. They also offer an array of sandwiches, cookies, milkshakes, brownies and branded treats like Vego, Vegenaise and Vegan ice creams. Basically they’re Vegan Disneyland.



I tried their ‘Chicken’ Mayonnaise sandwich, I had very high hopes and I was not disappointed. For starters, just look at a the size of it! It was so full! Soya ‘chicken’ pieces, lettuce, tomatoes, spring onions and mayonnaise on seeded bread (which was not soggy AT ALL ~ d’ya hear that, other pre-packed sandwiches!? It is possible to not have a soggy bottom!!).

The ‘chicken’ pieces were really good, they had flavour without having to be in breadcrumbs or battered. The lettuce and tomatoes were crisp and crunchy (again, unlike most ore-packed sandwiches!). The mayonnaise was lush (I think it might have been Follow Your Heart’s infamous Vegenaise), the non-dairy margarine was laid on pretty thick (I think this is what we have to thank for the non-sogginess of the sandwich!) and there was a hella tasty background mustard flavour running through it. Dibs calling my band Hella Tasty Background Mustard Flavour!

10/10 would recommend to a friend!



Fun fact, it is actually against the law to go to Ms Cupcake without picking up a sweet treat or 9. So I went for the Red Velvet Cookie.

Soft and gooey cookies were always my favourite thing to have as a treat B.V. (before Vegan), and I’ve not had anything even vaguely similar since…UNTIL… Ms Cupcake’s cookies are every bit as ooey and gooey as a Ben or a Millie! This is kinda the best day ever tbh.

Red Velvet is such a subtle flavour (is it even really a flavour? I think it’s just vanilla with some red food colouring, hey?) which meant you could eat a whole cookie without it being overly sweet or too much of a sugar rush (shout out to my fellow non-sweet tooth havers!). They had that mega satisfying bend that you really want from a soft cookie, so you can break a piece off at a time and share scoff it all down.

I let one of my non-vegan pals share a piece of cookie and he thought it was incredible too. He was shocked that a Vegan cookie could be this good and I was all like yeah I know it’s Ms Cupcake! She’s the greatest!

I am literally counting down the days till I can get back to Brixton and pick up some more cookies!




Go visit Ms Cupcake in her Brixton shop immediately!

You can also get individually packed Ms Cupcake cupcakes in certain WholeFoods stores, so do keep your eyes peeled!

Click here to order your very own wedding cake, here to book yourself in for a Ms Cupcake baking master class or here to order your very own Ms Cupcake cook book! 

I’d also highly recommend peeping this video on Ms Cupcake made by Vegan Queen QuarryGirl

MS CUPCAKE |408 Coldharbour Ln, Brixton, London SW9 8LF | 020 3086 8933

Open Mon to Wed 12 til 7 | Thur til Sun 10 til 8



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Don’t forget to follow Ms Cupcake on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter to keep up with all the amazing goodies they have!



  1. May 1, 2017 / 7:21 am

    Ms Cupcake cookies are so great! I’m also obsessed with the PB slice and now I’m gonna need to try that sandwich. Yum!

    • May 1, 2017 / 10:37 am

      Ooh thanks for the heads up! Going to need to get my hands on the PB slice ASAP!!

  2. May 2, 2017 / 12:56 pm

    OH WOOOOOOO. That cookie looks so good and I could eat the heckins out of that sarnie too. Ms Cupcake is sooo good isn’t it. I’ve never been in there and not spent way more than I intended. Worth it though. Also YOU KNOW how much I love your wedding cakes right? Best. Ever. EVER.

    • May 3, 2017 / 6:27 pm

      Thanks so much! Haha ;p that made me snort laugh! Fun fact, I’m yet to try her actual cupcakes!! (Should that be sad fact?)

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