I got married back in October and as everyone knows the most important part of any wedding is the cake.

I contacted the cake Gods over at Ms. Cupcake to see which size cake they recommended for my number of guests and then I doubled it because cake. We ordered one chocolate and one red velvet 12 ” 3 layer cake for 60 people, I wanted to make sure that everyone had enough for a couple slices each, and I think we took about half of each cake home with us at the end of the night. We took some with us on honeymoon and left some for our friends who cat-sitted for us while we were away.


Ms. Cupcake asked me what I wanted to have iced on top and they said I could have “anything I wanted” and that was all the encouragement I needed. We’d already made our gold dinosaur place name/keepsakes so we thought we would throw another dinosaur related aspect into the mix by using a couple of quotes from our favourite film Jurassic Park, because if you can’t have a cake with “Hold onto your butts” on your wedding day then when the hell can you!?


Most people at the wedding hadn’t tried vegan cake before and every one of them loved it. Even the guest who had to ask what the green stuff on his plate was during dinner. It was spinach.

We only had to order the cakes a week in advance and they were £60 each. You can order your own cake here. Or visit their Brixton store which has a large array of different flavoured cupcakes and treats (they also sell a number of groceries) and they are also stocked in Whole Foods now.






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