Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month then you’ll have heard of Pokemon Go – the free smart phone game where you collect Pokemon out in the wild (aka outside). It’s really fun, the characters are adorable and it’s getting lots of people outside. I love it.


Most of the pokemon characters have two or three evolutions – so you might catch the lowest evolution of one and in order to complete your collection you have to evolve it into the second and the third version. So part of the game involves collecting duplicates of the lowest evolution so that you can send that duplicate back to The Professor (the Gandalf/Miyagi type character of the game) and in exchange he sends you a Candy (like a gold coin really) as a reward – candy are then used to evolve your pokemon up to the next evolution.

Right, you get it, heck you’re probably already at level 20; so where does the Vegan thing come into this?

I’ve seen countless jokes along the lines of the Professor grinding up or melting down the cute pokemon you’ve sent back to him and turning it into the candy he sends you back in return. The main reaction to the joke has been “oh no! but they’re so cute!”


Firstly that’s awesome that that’s your reaction to this hypothetical situation.

Now I want you transfer that thinking to the real creatures that this happens to every day. Male chicks in the egg industry are literally tossed into a grinding machine, killed as they are useless to the egg industry as they don’t lay. In some places they are gassed or thrown into a bin, each option is so gruesome and cruel and heartbreaking.

Animals are sentient beings, they have feelings and thought processes and the ability to feel pain. You already know this and accept this for your dog, your cat and your pokemon… I hope you will make the connection and consider extending the same courtesy to all animals.


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