Oh hi there! Long time no blog. In the most first world of all problems I’ve been without a computer for the last 6 months and blogging without one is pretty hard truth be told. Short story long, things should be back on track over the next few weeks, so buckle up and let’s get back to it.

A couple of weeks ago we headed over to Southend so that we could go for lunch at a place I’ve had on my list ever since moving out of London, the Railway Pub.

The Railway is a hotel, a very well loved music venue and a pub with a cracking vegan menu.

The staff are super friendly, the decor is really cool and they don’t charge extra for condiments. When can I move in??



The menu used to be a mix of vegetarian and vegan but they’ve made it 100% vegan now. Just looking back at this menu is making me absolutely starving. If you stop reading now and just start heading for Southend I will not blame you. In fact, I’ll meet you there!

There are 3 burgers to choose from, including a haggis, neeps & tatties one, a bean chilli, sausage & mash, tofish & chips and mac & cheese. They also serve a full English breakfast until the afternoon.

AND they’ve just introduced a new sandwich / salad menu where you choose you base, your sauce and your extras.





Before our visit I’d been trawling through their Instagram to pre-decide what I wanted to order and the Tofish & Chips kept winking at me.


It did not disappoint. It exceeded my expectations and then some. The tofu and the nori were fishy without being too fishy. The batter was crunchy and crispy and thick and flavourful. The handcut chips were thick and fluffy, the mushy peas and the tartare sauce were the icing on the cake. Heck even the side salad was lush!

10/10, would eat again.




My Husband & I decided to divide and conquer. We each* chose a dish, we ate half of one then swapped over, so we could try more things.

*I totally chose both dishes



The burger was enormous, the patty was tasty and the fried onions on top were divine. Ten extra points for the delicious bun – nothing worse than a bad bun, especially those floury ones!

The burger came with a side of some really excellent coleslaw. It veered more towards the healthy end of the coleslaw spectrum, AKA it wasn’t how I make it at home – with like a kilogram of Vegenaise. It was light and mustardy and I could eat an entire barrel full.



It’s safe to say we fell entirely head over heels for the Railway. We’re already planning our next trip and what to order next – Haggis Burger and a Full English and perhaps even one of those build your own sandwiches! Oh and we’d have to get the Tofish again too!



The Railway Hotel

Clifftown Road, Southend-on-Sea, SS1 1AJ






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