THREE HOURS OF VEGAN-ING AROUND SHOREDITCH ft. Club Mexicana, Cook Daily, What the Pitta and Leon


Back in September I headed down to Shoreditch with my Mum & Sister in tow to eat all the food and to accompany my Sister whilst she spent an ungodly amount of money on trendy hand soap.

We ate at some of my favourite places, wandered around the shops and stopped to take pictures every four steps (this post is picture heavy and word-lite!). All in all, a very perfect day.


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Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned ramble!?

I was never actually one for rambling till I met my Husband, a country boy and qualified Mountaineer.  Now I love it! We go on walks with my in-law’s when we visit them, we’ve done lots of walking in the Cairngorms and we live pretty near Hampstead Heath so we’re always wandering around there (but I’m not sure if the Heath really counts as proper rambling?).

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