Matapa was one of the first meals my husband Tom ever made for me. It’s a very delicious curry he was taught how to cook whilst he was living in Mozambique working as a Scuba Diving Instructor.

Matapa is a local dish which is usually full of prawns but nowadays we switch out the prawns (does anyone else think prawns look like bugs?) for mushrooms. We usually have it as it is but on the night I took this picture we added a Fry’s Family chicken-style burger (with siracha) because sometimes you just need to have a little Fry’s.


1 small bag of cashews

The Juice of 1 lime

1 red Birdseye chilli – chopped

1 tin coconut milk

2 teaspoons pepper

Pinch of salt

1 bag of spinach

1 punnet of mushrooms – chopped

2 tomatoes


In a pestle and mortar crush together 2/3 of the cashews, 1/2 of the lime juice and the chopped chilli

Add to a saucepan with the chopped mushrooms and fry for a few minutes

Add the coconut milk, the rest of the cashews and the rest of the lime juice

Bring to the boil then simmer for 15 minutes

Add the spinach to wilt just before serving


We serve ours with rice always, fresh chopped tomatoes sprinkles on top usually and a Fry’s Chicken-style burger sometimes. It would also go beautifully with some crusty bread.


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