Saturday Brunch is a serious event in our household. During the week it’s enough of a struggle to get out of bed and get dressed that I daren’t throw attempting to have breakfast at home into the mix.

So, late on Saturday mornings, my Husband & I sit down to a hearty brunch and raise a toast to spending two whole days together with no 9-5 responsibilities in sight.

Our brunches usually involve a few of the components listed below, sometimes with tofu scramble or BBQ pulled mushrooms, sometimes with tacos or in a burrito but I think this ‘recipe’ is what constitutes my Ultimate Vegan Fry Up.


Linda McCartney Sausages (preferably over cooked ones)

Hashbrown (again, best served over cooked)

Baked Beans

Fried mushrooms (fried in coconut oil so they almost caramelise and seasoned with black pepper and bouillon – garlic optional)

Spinach (wilted on top of the mushrooms at the last moment to save on pan space)

Tomatoes (sliced and cooked in coconut oil, again to caramelise them. Spiced liberally with chilli flakes and sugar)

A baguette with lashings of Vegan butter

Ludicrous amounts of tomato ketchup

A large cup of strong tea & a pint of water




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