May have accidentally found my dream Vegan cheese.

Nachos are a firm favourite treat meal in my house and 99.9% of the time do not involve any Vegan cheese. Just never been that much of a fan of it. On a whim last week I decided to try a new brand out (not new as in new new, just new to me).

Our local Budgens has a great Vegan fridge and cheese-wise they only stock Violife so it was a pretty easy choice. I went for the pizza cheese as it sounded like the best version for melting.


I put some tortilla chips in a bowl (use an oven proof bowl!), layered on some home made hot sauce and some refried beans, then some chunks of the cheese and put it in the oven at around 160 for about 4 minutes.

Peering into the oven, it seemed that the cheese had only just started to melt but the hunger combined with the fear of not knowing what happens when you use a non oven proof bowl in the oven was too real so I took them out, mashed the cheese up with the back of a fork and loaded on a bit more hot sauce and guacamole. It worked! The cheese melted and went creamy and gooey.

A few of my friends have said they can’t get Violife to melt in the same way and I’m wondering if it’s because I also had the heat of the chips/beans/sauce and the bowl was really hot too. I’ll report back next time I have a bowl 🙂



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