Merry Christmas, Folks! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, spent lots of time with your loved ones, ate lots of tasty food and got a few glorious presents!

I came down with a chest infection the Sunday before Christmas and I’m still sick now, so it’s not been the best but I think I’ve made the most of it! 


A few weeks before Christmas I met up with my Vegan Girl Gang™ for our own little Christmas meal at Han’s house (you know Hannah from the amazing blog All Good All Vegan).

She served us the most incredible menu of homemade mushroom soup to start…

An epic Christmas dinner of Linda McCartney sausages, roast potatoes, stuffing, roasted carrots/parsnips/cauliflower/sprouts and creamy leeks…

And for pudding Han made a pear and apple crumble with a choice of cream, ice cream or custard!

Hannah is the most wonderful chef (check out her recipes over on her blog) and host. We had such a wonderful night and it was the perfect way to kick off the festive season.

If all of that wasn’t enough we even got to meet her gorgeous cats. This handsome boy below is Chester and he is my new best friend!


Something else I celebrate every year is a little thing that’s come to be known as Fistmas ~ AKA Fake Christmas! I often forget how filthy the word sounds to people outside of our group and can usually be found blushing as I accidentally say it in front of colleagues and grandparents!

Hosted every year by our dear friends Aaron & Lex, usually with around 16 of us and it’s really about as festive as you can get without getting your eyes wet. It’s always the highlight of my Christmas; we play games, we eat amazing food, we watch Muppets Christmas Carol and we drink til we can’t drink no more.

This year the Vegan’s & Veggies in the group (5 of us! I feel so lucky to have so many IRL Vegan and Veggie friends!! ~ I don’t mean to name drop but one of which is Jen from Something Brighter Blog), we tucked into the most incredible mushroom/chestnut/shallot pie lovingly made for us by Jamie and her boyfriend James and roast potatoes/carrots/parsnips and sautéed sprouts that Tom whipped up. Utterly fucking fantastic!

Fistmas Day attire usually calls for a Christmas jumper but I didn’t have mine yet so I wore a deer dress and a festive dinosaur pin to make up for it!


This year I wasn’t planning on picking up any new Christmas jumpers, but when I saw this one it was in my shopping basket within all of five seconds. It’s from an online shop called Uger, it was about £20 and it has that uber soft lining of your dreams.

Would recommend to a friend or nine.


Everyone got a recipe card or two, made by Ava of Guac & Roll, included in their gift and they went down a storm!

My favourite present I received was this super cool matchstick holder/match strike combo from Moss Cermics <3

I also picked up some sky blue coffee cups from MC for my in-law’s and I found them pretty hard to part with!
(picture from Moss Ceramics website)


Christmas kindly fell on a Sunday this year so we also celebrated breaking up from work with a Friday night treat of a Chinese takeaway and Die Hard (I’m in the Die Hard is a Christmas Film Camp!).

We had mock duck, chikn satay skewers, seitan spare ribs, spring rolls, noodles and seaweed.

Our local Chinese rocks!


We decided to have a big brunch on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day to ensure we could eat as much Christmas dinner as humanly possible.

I’ve also worked out a way to stop your spinach from disappearing when you cook it. Kind of. I went for an entire bag each! I fucken love spinach.

My Husband Tom was born in Sweden and has a tradition of making Pepperkaker every year. It’s a Swedish gingerbread, which is like regular gingerbread but better.

Tom made them using a dough brought over from Sweden but you can buy them ready made in IKEA and they’re almost as good!

We had Enchiladas for dinner ~ our current obsession! Forgot to take a pic though. Whoops.

I managed to leave the house for about half an hour on Christmas Eve to sing carols alongside 2,000 others! That’s a quarter of the population of our village!

And here are some pictures of the Granary Square Christmas Tree because it’s awesome and I saw it at the beginning of the month.

The block of ice it’s encased in is actually acrylic! I love this tree so much!


We kicked off the day with Facon Bagels (with brown sauce!) and tea in bed but I forgot to take a picture because I am a Christmas fool.

We drove over to my Sister’s and ate some incredible samosas that my Mum had made <3

It was my Sister, Brother in Law and Nephew’s first Christmas as Vegan’s (again, I know… I’m VERY lucky) and my Brother in Law and my Mum made the best roast dinner!

We had stuffing, roast potatoes/carrots/parsnips, cabbage, green beans, gravy and my Nan’s homemade apple sauce!


I’d been wanting to add some extra chocolate to Jus Rol’s incredible #accidentallyvegan pain au chocolat’s for ages and since Tom had got me some Montezuma dark chocolate buttons in my stocking I thought YEAH BABY LET’S DO THIS and do this we did.

Usually I can scoff 2-3 but with the extra choc I managed a measly 1 ~ booooooooo!

They were really good but I don’t think I’ll be making them like that again in a hurry.

I’d been craving pizza for a while so we got a couple of accidentally vegan bases, poured on a little passata and topped with pineapple, jalapeños, cherry tomatoes and Violife pizza cheese and 10 minutes later pizza was inhaled!

Right then, I’m off to buy loads of discounted Christmas decorations and drink all of the squash. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week, thanks for reading!

Leave me a lil comment to tell me what you’ve been eating this Christmas!


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  1. December 28, 2016 / 5:53 pm

    Christmas dinner was nut roast, Linda McCartney sausage, stuffing, roast potatoes, carrots and parsnips and sprouts. Other than that I’ve kept it relatively healthy!

    • December 30, 2016 / 11:18 am

      That sounds EPIC! What a fab dinner! I’m already planning next years 🙂

  2. December 31, 2016 / 4:48 pm

    It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was a little short as I had to be at work at 8:45am on Boxing Day but I managed to have a fun Christmas day – my husband and I cooked a vegan Christmas dinner for 8 people and we made five different roasts! It was epic!

    • January 3, 2017 / 1:45 pm

      Gosh that’s so early! I hope it was a good work day at least. Whoah! That sounds amazing! What a feast!! Happy New Year x

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