This weekend I headed back to Yorica for the first time since opening week. I was really pleased to see it was still just as packed as ever. Yorica on Wardour Street in Soho is entirely allergen-free; you won’t find any dairy, gluten, nuts or eggs in any of the ice creams, frozen yoghurts, milkshakes, or in any of the numerous toppings on offer.

On my first visit, which you can read about here, I had a tub of ice cream (2 scoops to be exact – chocolate and moringa) and I’d been planning to have the milkshake on my second trip ever since and it did not disappoint.

The milkshakes are made up of three scoops of ice cream or frozen yoghurt or a mixture of both, any of their regular ice cream toppings (e.g brownie pieces) as a topping or blended in and they’re generously topped with thick, delicious whipped coconut cream.

My Husband went for two scoops of chocolate orange ice cream and one scoop of wow butter (nut-free nut butter) and brownie pieces on top of the whipped cream (pictured top left). It was good but not great in comparison to what I went with – perfectly nice/not very thick in consistency).

I don’t want to underplay just how spectacular the milkshake I had was. Like, literally you’re going to need to go immediately and get one for yourself. OK, are you ready?

  • Two scoops Chocolate Frozen Yoghurt
  • One scoop Moringa Ice Cream
  • Brownie pieces blended in with the ice cream
  • Whipped Coconut Cream

All of that for just £5! It was so thick and chocolatey and wondrous! (Pictured top right)

So I’m going to need you to do two things for me. 1. Go to Yorica and 2. Order this exact milkshake. Do it and then send me a thank you letter.

It is one of the best things I have ever eaten (drank?) and it made me extremely happy! Is it too soon to go back again!?



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